Reading - How To videos
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Unit 1: National Parks
Puppet Power
Security Buzz

Main Idea Video
Main Idea and Supporting Details
Main Idea Passage 
Mammoth Fossil Found
Summarizing Stories
Summarzing Nonfiction Stories
Using Text Features to Locate Information
Interpreting Text Features
Author's Purpose - PIE
Analyzing Author's Purpose
Author's Purpose - Hot Topic
Vocabulary in Context

Unit 2: US Government
Text Structure Rap
Text Structure - Khan Academy
Text Structure - Cause and Effect
Text Structure - Compare and Contrast
Text Strucutre - Description
Text Structure - Problem and Solution
Text Structure - Sequence
Text Structure for Teachers
Text Structure Part 1
Text Structure Part 2
Compare and Contrast - Materials

Unit 3: Novel - Frindle
Brain Pop - Theme
The Empty Pot
Catching the Moon

Reef Building
Head Count 
Charlie Met His Match

Literary Elements Part 1
Literary Elements Part 2
The Importance of Setting
What is Character? 

Unit 4: Stories from Around the World
Point of View
Comparing and Contrasting Characters
Compare and Contrast - part 1
Compare and Contrast - part 2

Literal vs. Figurative Language
Figurative Language in Movies
Figurative Language in Disney Movies

Figurative Language - Materials

Unit 6: Novel - One Long Summer
Below are links to various resources to help you practice 4th Grade reading skills.