Students will have very little assigned homework. If they do have homework, they will be given class time to complete it, and whatever is incomplete, will be homework. The only assigned homework they have is their 30 minutes of reading at home and practice math facts and spelling/vocab words!
Important Dates
Spring Concert Thursday, May 12th @ 7pm
Farm Safety Field Trip - May 19th
Mystery Cave/Forestville Field Trip - May 31st

- Practice math facts every night for 10-15 minutes. You can use Xtra math


Social Studies 

Reading/Language Arts
- Read at Home 150 minutes due 05/13

- Week 28 Spelling and Vocabulary work (Packet, IXL's)
- Week 28 Spelling and Vocabulary test Friday 05/13

- 4th Grade Spelling Lists

- 4th Grade Vocabulary List

+ Positive Thing that happened today.

Please refer to your student's planner, all homework assignments should be written in your students planner. If you have questions about what is due when, please email me ( ) or message me on ClassDojo.