Type III Driver Certification
Attention Staff Members:

If you want to transport students in any of our district-owned Type III vehicles you must receive training and certification annually.

Type III Summary Sheet

Type III vehicles are the school vans and school car.

You will need to the following:
  • Type III Special Needs and Knowledge Quiz
  • Type III pre-trip evaluation
  • Type III behind-the-wheel evaluation
  • Type III driver evaluator certification

Below you will find the training presentation provided by the Minnesota State Patrol/Dept. of Public Safety/Office of Pupil Transportation. First, review the presentation. Once you have reviewed the presentation, click on the link for the Type III Special Needs and Knowledge Quiz. Once you have completed the online quiz, the district office will be notified and you are then eligible to schedule and complete the driving portion of the certification.

Contact: Jodi Peters, Transportation Coordinator
507-864-7785 ext. 1004 or

Type III Presentation
Type III Special Needs and Knowledge Online Quiz