Ben Mahlke
Hello and welcome to Rushford-Peterson's music program! My name is Ben Mahlke, and I am looking forward to joining the R-P family. I received my undergrad degree from Winona State University in Vocal and Classroom Music Education and did my student teaching at Lanesboro Public Schools.  The last three years I've enjoyed teaching K-12 music at Pacelli Schools in Austin, MN.

I am now excited to be starting this new journey here at Rushford-Peterson Schools. Music can be more than just what we hear on the radio, I believe, it is a window into the soul. Music surrounds us; it is built into every part of our daily lives. It is my goal this year to help foster a true appreciation for music and to help students explore all that music has to offer. I want to try new things, explore new ideas, and work together to make something beautiful. Again, I am excited to be joining the staff and I look forward to a fantastic school year.