At Rushford-Peterson High School we first offer Exploratory Spanish for 6th and 8th grade students. Spanish I, II, III, and IV is offered for students in grades 9-12. Students who continue study through Spanish III have the option to travel to a Spanish speaking country with the Spanish Club. Students who choose to take Spanish IV earn five college credits through the University of Minnesota's College in the Schools Program. Students in grades 11-12, may choose the course Intro to Hispanic Cultures as a Concurrent Enrollment Course through SE-Tech and earn three college credits. This course is taught in English and no prerequisite Spanish courses are required to enroll. Take advantage of all of the great opportunities available! Studying a second language will open up doors to new people and places!

For all information about my classes including blended learning days please see my Google Classroom. Details on finding my Google Classroom are outlined below.

  • Go to
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  • Spanish 3a 2nd period- htezynj
  • Spanish 2a 3rd period- f7n57wj
  • Spanish 1b 4th period- nu7dr9
  • Intro to Hispanic Cultures 5th period- cbln4cu

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, and I will do my best to reply within 24 hours.  Thank you.

507-864-7786 ext. 3023
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