Hi, I'm Mr. Mulholland. I teach chemistry, physical science, and forensics at Rushford-Peterson. I am a Southeastern Minnesota native from Spring Valley, having graduated from the Kingsland Public School District. I received my Bachelor of Arts from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in the area chemistry with a minor in physics. From there I went on to North Dakota State University, obtaining my PhD in chemistry in 2013. I then worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Montréal in Montréal, Quebec for two years. I decided to switch my career path to education and spent the school year of 2015/2016 substitute teaching. I then finished a teaching program at Winona State University-Rochester in 2017.

My goal for all students is to gain an appreciation for the many ways science benefits our daily lives as well as an understanding of the scientific method, how it is used in research, and how to apply this approach to daily decision-making. I will provide many hands-on experiences for  students that will allow them to explore scientific concepts in variety of ways that accommodates students of varying learning styles. In addition to my teaching responsibilities I will be starting a robotics group. 

Information for students in all classes will be located on my Google Classroom site.

Visit: https://classroom.google.com
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Chemistry (2nd Hr) Code: o691w1f
Physical Science (4th Hr) Code: kqktrl
Physical Science (5th Hr): z81basu
Physics (6th Hr) Code: gp73z8

Mike Mulholland

(507) 864-7786 ext 3021

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