Welcome to senior high English!

It is already Trimester #3.  I have made tentative calendars of every day for every class.  They will be found on my Google Classroom.  Look under the "Classwork" tab. :-)  Also under Classwork, it will have the classroom rules and the curriculum and expectations for each class.  

Here are the Google Classroom passwords for each class:


Block 1--English 10B--wadcxr5
Block 2--English 10B--yha4pjm

Block 3--Study Hall--no code--Check your homework. :-)

Block 5--Mythology--4tphf6r

Block 6--College Speech--r5qbg3m


E-Learning Day Information/Missed Class Day
      For e-learning days, we will stay on track with the calendar in dealing with the reading, tests, other assignments.  Unless notified in class before the e-learning day, the grammar may be delayed and caught up the following day.  If you have your grammar book, you can work on what you know will be assigned as on the calendar or assigned before in class.
      Please check on Google Classroom on e-learning days to answer a question and/or double-check on assignments for clarification.  You will be responsible for the material the day after an e-learning day.
     If you miss a class period, you are responsible for the material for the next class period.  Everything is on the Classroom, so you will know what is expected. :-)


Contact: Shari Michel